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Promoting a regulated environment

As Valuers, we are considered “the gate-keepers” of the real estate industry. Our main role is to provide professional comfort to, not only our clients but the wider public. The importance of valuations should not be under- estimated, there are many cases throughout the world where valuations

have come into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and it is only when actions are required is the importance of valuations highlighted. Ultimately, it is the valuer, through his duty of care who needs to be responsible both ethically and pragmatically as without this the entire industry is effected.

Property Valuations

We offer property valuations across the whole range of properties. All our valuations are prepared in accordance within the RICS guidelines. Not only are our valuers registered by the RICS but we are also regulated by the RICS providing comfort to our clients that we take our professional standing seriously.


As a firm we also offer valuation of operating enterprises as we have been afforded the opportunity to value a wide range of entities. Recent examples include hotels, floating docks and operating businesses.

Property Advisory

This service is extensive however the highlighted offerings are:

  1. Feasibility – Will the project be feasible?
  2. Optimal mix – What would be the best offering taking into consideration the demand, supply dynamics and highlighting the competitive environment and best ways to forward position.
  3. Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) – Once an operation is acquired we offer advice as to how the price paid should be allocated amongst the assets, operations and goodwill amounts to others.
  4. Property development management – We have recently added this to our services. In essence, we act as a check and balance to monitor the progress of a development. This service includes a review of the construction progress, periodic site visits both formally and ad hoc to ensure progress is in accordance with the timeline specified and that materials on site match the specifications within the bill of quantities.
  5. Property investment funds – CNC’s extensive experience with property related funds allow us to assist the establishment of property investment funds as well as the management of these funds.