Our History

We are an independent advisory firm established in Dubai in 2011, whose sole focus is on advisory services.  We have purposefully remained solely as an advisory provider so that we are not distracted by any related service such as brokerage and the like.

CNC Valuations derives its name from the Latin phrase “Consilio Nostro Crescetis” (CNC) which translates to “By our advice you will grow.”

Fundamentally and as a company this is what we believe and in all our endeavours that is what we aim to provide.  Our focus is to always to ensure that we remain true to this, as our principle.

As with any advisory firm there are many facets that need to be considered, for example is the advice given reasoned and defensible? Is the advice given timeously? Does the client understand what we have done and how what we have done benefits them?  If the answers to these questions are positive then the maxim given above becomes true.



“Welcome to CNC Valuations, I hope this website provides adequate information on what we do, who we are and how we can assist. Of course, if there is anything unclear or if you would like to discuss any matter then please do email me.”



We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.