Innovative Advisory Services to suit all needs.

After many years of dealing with developers and financial institutions, we have developed a robust system to protect the interests of financial institutions.  In many cases the cost of development increases and the final cost is well in excess of the original budget, this leads to a number of issues such as the developer drawing down on the loan prior to reaching agreed milestones or where payments to sub-contractors and suppliers are delayed or deferred.  In both cases the development is delayed and the expected revenues are not collected.

In numerous cases the developer then returns to the bank to extend or increase the loan.  In this case the financial institution is between a rock and a hard place, if further assistance is not given the project stalls and the loan heads towards being impaired.  However if assistance is given then the risk to the bank increases.  In order to assist financial institutions we monitor developments to regularly check progress on site as well as cross check payments with suppliers and sub-contractors.

In addition where variations are issued we are involved in advising on the likely implications of those variations from both a cost and time perspective.

Further Assistance

We have provided acquisition services to our clients and we believe this to be a unique offering.  As we do not operate in the brokerage field, we are able to provide impartial and balanced advice.  There is no doubt that any investment requires the deployment of significant amounts of capital and our role is to guide investors through the process as a partner on the journey rather than just giving options.

We assist clients in formulating an acquisition strategy after understanding their internal requirements and evaluating the key external factors which will have an impact on the acquisition.  The usual process we aim to work towards is an initial briefing meeting to understand precisely what our client is looking for and to understand the rationale behind achieving their objectives.  We then begin the process of searching for assets that meet their criteria and produce an initial report highlighting the options available along with our views with the intention of honing in on a select number of options.

Using our knowledge and experience we then look to explore all factors that need to be considered and these may include concessions available as well as any add-ons that would enhance the transaction.  Where required we are instructed to begin negotiations with brokers to alleviate the client of those interactions, we also consult with legal representatives to assist with their process.  The aim of this service is to provide not only impartial advice but also to act as a buffer to the various parties that are involved in large scale transactions.

Further Assistance

One of CNC’s key strengths is its ability to analyse where portfolios are and then to guide them towards the future.  This service is conducted by thoroughly inspecting the assets of the portfolio and then benchmarking their performance against a basket of directly comparable assets, in addition a full understanding of what the asset’s potential is and how to guide it there. Our review of the assets breaks down the asset into its components and analyses all revenues and expenses allocated to the asset.

The key issues CNC advises on are:

  1. Providing the foundation for the investment strategy.  This is achieved by understanding the goals and aims of the portfolio and then providing balanced advice on how the strategy should be designed to achieve those goals in terms of yields, capital growth, redevelopment opportunities and additional acquisitions and disposals.
  2. Ensuring the portfolio represents the strategy by advising on redeployment to ensure parity with the strategy.
  3. Advising on specific acquisitions and disposals that align with the portfolio strategy.
  4. Recurring valuation advice to reflect changes in the market and providing advice on how to adapt to them.

More recently we have extended this service line to include the development of portfolio presentations which are used in support of raising capital and/or finance.

Further Assistance

CNC has assisted clients by managing their entire development cycle. Our experience in advising clients on diverse projects has allowed us to accumulate expertise in a range of facets of the development process. Our team’s diverse educational and work experience means that we have a wide range of skills that are required to support development projects. In addition, we collaborate with industry leaders in various roles to ensure the development generates optimal returns for its stakeholders.

Our development advisory services typically include:

  1. Site acquisition strategy
  2. Assisting clients in formulating the project concept
  3. Project design to maximise efficiency. Our offerings include master-plan design and architectural conception based on demographics of the target audience
  4. Market research. This includes analysis of demand and supply dynamics, comparable developments, pricing analysis and consumer research
  5. Determining the optimal product mix based on market dynamics
  6. Formulating the marketing and sales strategy

Further Assistance